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For the love of this beautiful game <3


I wanted to show you this! The evolution of my Amaterasu cosplay.
2009, 2010 and 2014. Same base costume, small little improvements from makeup to wig styling to general presentation.

Okami is something in my life that really makes my heart swell. Its the game I put on when everything is awful and I don’t want to face the world. It brings me such simple joy  I keep coming back to this cosplay as it’s pretty much the physical representation of my deep love for this game….and I just can’t get it right XD
The lesson is that if you love something enough you will never be happy with a tribute you make for it, no matter what everyone else says! And that is perfectly okay  As you grow as a artist and a person you can always revisit it with new skills! It’s something that should never have an expiry date
I’ll post more of my new costume soon!


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Shinshu In Bloom is an Okami remix album that pays homage to the music of Okami while adding a hip-hop appeal. Nujabes fans will enjoy. 

My friend Elie and I are trying to press physical copies of this album on Kickstarter, so if you’re interested in one please back us :). Click here to view the Kickstarter.

Artwork by Elie!

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Submitted by; gekigamii.


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Ahri and Amaterasu - Spirit Rush by ~K-Y-H-U

commission for toshifox!

This is currently the best I can do for “full-colored” pieces.

with detail shots~

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I got this far @.@

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Pipe Cleaner Okami 2 by ~afiriti

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Okami Announcement Is a “Okami Special Fan Box Book”


Okami Announcement Is a "Okami Special Fan Box Book"

The Okami announcement we were teased about in April is “just” an Okami Special Fan Box Book.  Capcom will release this in Japan later this month. Gaming Everythingreports it comes with a  notebook, sticker sheet, ballpoint pen, coin purse/pouch, and a…

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